UCVM Workshop July 2011

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Workshop July 2011

SCEC is coordinating a California Velocity Model development workshop for the week of 25 July, 2011. Workshop calls are typically 90 minutes in length. Please send agenda suggestions to Phil Maechling or Tran Huynh.

  • Date: Thursday, July 28, 2011
  • Time: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Shared Desktop

Presentation Material

Power-point presentations:

Proposed Workshop Agenda

  1. UCVM Software Design
    1. Framework for hosting multiple CVMs
    2. Standardized query interface
    3. How UCVM supports queries for non-standard models (e.g. How does UCVM handle elevation query using CVM-S4 (no elevation model)
  2. Selected standardized statewide properties including:
    1. Topography
    2. Bathymetry
    3. Statewide Geotechnical layer from Vs30 and Wald Vs30 topography relationship
    4. Georeference standardization
  3. Selected UCM Coverage Region:
    1. Discuss portability of UCVM other regions including Central US
  4. Currently Supported Models
    1. CVM-S4
    2. CVM-SI
    3. CVM-H 11.2
    4. CVM-H 6.3
    5. CenCal USGS
    6. Graves Northern Cal
    7. Lin Thurber statewide
  5. Requirements for Hosted Models
    1. query interface
    2. projection definition
  6. Options for storing hosted CVMS
    1. GTL etree
    2. CVM-S4 objects
    3. CVM-H gocad
    4. Lin-Thurber tables
    5. Po Chen CVM-SI mesh
  7. Support for HPC creation of Large Meshes by UCVM
    1. parallel query capabilities
    2. large mesh making capabilities
  8. ETREE support
    1. Description of etree import and export by UCVM
  9. CVM Differencing capabilities
    1. Example differences between CVM-S4 and CVM-SI
    2. Proposed differencing tools
    3. Other CVM differences of interest
  10. CVM Evaluation System Design
    1. Evaluation using point sources
    2. Evaluation using large historical events
    3. Goodness of fit measures in use
    4. Proposed GOF measures to be used
  11. Evaluation results for 3 events
    1. Evaluate sensitivity of current evaluation system using 3 events and 3 CVM’s
    2. Chino Hills,Gilroy, Oakland and CVM-H, CVM-S4, CenCal

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