UCVM z1,z2.5 for CCA06 with GTL, CVM-S4.26.M01

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A little history (from Phil)

CVM-S4(cvms) -- velocity model with near surface gtl

CVM-S4.26(cvms5) -- improved cvms without the near surface gtl but with a new optional elygtl that can be enabled from a configuration option in the config file. Z range is from 0 to depth interval, which is 500m.

CVM-S4.26M01(cvmsi) -- improved cvms5 that when within the depth interval returns cvms values (ie, brought back the near surface gtl) and cvms5(the improved cvms) values otherwise.


The GTL related flags and their default setting in cvmsi src code,

  • ADD_ALT_GTL (set to 0)
  • ADD_ROB_GTL (set to 0)
  • ADD_TJ_GTL (set to 1)
  • ADD_GTL (set to 0)

cvmsi has embedded vs30 gtl code but not turned on by default. Any change in the setting of the flag would require recompile and reinstall of libcvmsi.so.

But, it does not make sense to have both ADD_TJ_GTL and ADD_GTL enabled since the Zrange is overlapped and so ADD_TJ_GTL code always take precedence.

cvms plots

cvms Z1.0
cvms Z2.5

cvms5 plots

cvms5 gtl Z1.0
cvms5 gtl Z2.5

cvmsi plots

cvmsi tj Z1.0
cvmsi tj Z2.5

cca plots

cca gtl Z1.0
cca gtl Z2.5

raw data

side note

  • -120, 34.6, depth profile from 0 to 1000 with step of 10m
cvmh gtl
cvms5 gtl
cca gtl

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