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Basin Depth plots at -118.76, 34.0

Projection Correction issues

Result of latest Basin Query

CCA Model Plots and Notes

Basin Depth Algorithm Description

Basin_Query Previous Results

Binary Z files used in OpenSHA, along with some metadata, are posted here:

We plan to implements a way to read these files and plot them in python which can be included with UCVM. Plotting would be similar to existing horizontal slide plotting scripts (which are likely included in both versions of UCVM, though I have not used them), and will be a useful feature going forward. Once that tool exists, comparisons will become easier. If in the meantime help is needed extracting individual values from these files, there is an OpenSHA tool which can access them (via Java).

Velocity mesh plotting scripts from CyberShake codebase

As part of the CyberShake work, we've developed a few Python scripts for plotting horizontal cross-sections (plot_horiz_slice.py), vertical cross-sections (plot_vertical_slice.py), and profile plots (plot_profile.py). The scripts are available in the CyberShake SVN repository, at http://source.usc.edu/svn/cybershake/import/trunk/UCVM/smoothing/ . As input, they expect a mesh in AWP format, and also a model coords file, which contains a listing of the lat/lon values for each surface point in the mesh (this is used for decimation purposes). Sample plots produced using these scripts can be seen here.

Review of Vp/Vs Ratio Checks in UCVM

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