UCVM Release Planning

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Updated UCVM Documentation

Citable Code

UCVM Tests Organization

A set of C language tests are defined as Unittests:

UCVM Programs found in the ucvm source code directory contains numerous example programs that are not included in the ucvm_bin installation directory. A list of programs in the UCVM Source directory is given here:

UCVM Plotting routines have been moved into a separate repo. Information on the plotting routines.


  • Document the scripts in ucvm/utilities
  • Update the version numbers from 21.7 in get_largefiles.py and check_large_files.py
  • fix version in setup.list
  • confirm that models are correctly un-commented in ucvm.conf file (seems like cvm-H and others were not enabled)
  • Check references to proj-4 in documentation and code error messages and update if necessary to proj-5
  • Check ucvm/tests/Makefile.am setting, but never using, AM_CFLAGS
  • change, or explain to users, two different ucvm.conf in the system

Key UCVM Improvements in 21.10 release:

  • Move the run_ucvm.sh and run_ucvm_query.sh script to utilities
  • Convergence of versions
    • Used updated version used UCVM website
    • Combined source codebase web version and distributed version/command line version
    • reduce number of UCVM versions that we need to maintain
  • Large files next release stored on S3
    • Should improve download speed and reliability of install
  • CI setup
    • Review the CI for sceccode/ucvm before release
  • Documentation Updated into new structure
    • Re-organized to match recommended types of docs
  • Tests updated
    • combined c-language tests into unittest.
  • Code Metadata included in repo
    • added metadata to repo
  • Used Tags from USGS Thesarus for metadata
  • Post DOI badge on UCVM
  • UCVM Community developments encouraged
    • Add Code of Conduct document into repo
    • Added "contributor instructions" into README.md
  • Open Source Metrics setup (registered users, downloads, tags, visits)
  • Identification of sub-licenses in distribution
  • Velocity models stored in standalone repositories
  • Authorship contributions noted
  • add cv
  • add iv
  • add albacore
  • add utah wasatch front
  • projection code fix
  • Install using Dockerhub
  • Review issues that were done.
  • Added UCVM Website data plotting tools


  • Test with both Docker and singularity on an XSEDE system
  • Code coverage statements

UCVM Versus CIG Standards:


  • Version control – ok
  • Code – ok
  • Portable – ok
  • Testing – (a) tests that verify it runs properly (b) accuracy or benchmark tests
  • Documentation – (a) install (b) parameters (c) physics (d) example inputs cookbooks (e) citable pub
  • Userworkflow – ok


  • Version control -ok
  • Coding – (a) params at runtime (b) development plan (c) code comments (d) add features without modify main branch (e) useful error reports
  • Portability: (a) dependency cheking (b) automake (c) output configuration and build options
  • Testing – pass fail tests
  • Documentation: (a) workflow for research (b) how to extend code
  • Userworkflow: (a) easy to change sim params (b) user specific directories/filenames for i/o (c) standard binary formats (d) citation for code version.