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Create Plot using Website - 1D Vertical Profile

Create 1D vertical profile for location in LA Basin (CSU Dominquez Hills):

  • 33.8628
  • -118.2525
  • 0-10k
  • 100m

Create Plot using Website:

Configure Xwindows on Discovery

Setting up Plotting Environment for the first time

make sure UCVM_INSTALL_PATH is set and has a working UCVM installation

%ucvm_query -H

create a conda environment

%conda create -n ucvmPlotting python=2.7.15 scipy pip numpy matplotlib basemap basemap-data-hires

setup conda environment with ucvm_plotting, just need to do this once

%conda activate ucvmPlotting
%source ucvm_env.sh
%git clone https://github.com/SCECcode/ucvm_plotting.git
%cd ucvm_plotting
%conda deactivate

you should see the new ucvmPlotting

%conda env list


to run ucvmPlotting tests on worker node

%salloc --ntasks=1 --time=02:00:00
%conda activate ucvmPlotting
%cd $UCVM_INSTALL_PATH/ucvm_plotting
%cd examples
%conda deactivate

Create Plot using Discovery

Assuiming plotting has been setup for your account, you can startup the plotting environment,

  • %conda env list
  • %conda activate ucvmPlotting

generate plot in either head or worker node

%conda activate ucvmPlotting
%plot_horizontal_slice.py -b 33.35,-118 -u 34.35,-117 -e 1000 -d vs -c cvmh -a s -s 0.01 -o horizontal.png
%conda deactivate

to view any of the png files with view_png.py, you have to be on the head node and in uvcmPlotting conda environment

at head node,

%conda activate ucvmPlotting
%view_png.py -f horizontal.png
%conda deactivate

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