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Collection of links related to creating software distributions

Packaging Python Projects

Developing Effective Python Documentation

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Open Source Software Practices

Open Source Software Licenses

USGS Software and Data Acceptance Criteria

Developing a Community

Defining Interfaces

Data Management Systems

Continuous Testing Links

Software Release Practices

Example Projects

Standard Practices

SCEC is standardized software project practices:

  • Standard elements in git repo (, license.txt, authors etc)
  • Standard git repo organization to support open-source releases and automated testing
  • Connecting git project to run tests on commit
  • Process of contributing new releases to pypi, conda (conda-forge)

Related Entries

  • CME_Project
  • CSEP Working Group
  • Design codes and distribution as python modules, packages (and libraries if that term is used)
  • Potential build and deploy tools (ansible, others?)