SSA Velocity Model Workshop 2019

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SSA 2019 Velocity Model Workshop

Fig 1: Coverage regions for 3D velocity models included in the SSA 2019 UCVM VirtualBox distribution, including (Red) CVM-S4, (Blue) CVM-H, (inner Yellow) CCA06, (White) USGS Bay Area, and (outer Yellow) Digital Elevation Model

Pre-Workshop Announcements and Instructions

Velocity Model Image

A VirtualBox image file (also known as an Appliance file) containing the UCVM software and 4 California Velocity models is available for download from a SCEC server. This link will download a large file, and, depending on your network connection, it may take 30 minutes, or more, to download.

Detailed UCVM VirtualBox Installation Guide

Workshop UCVM Presentation and Tutorial Handouts

CVM Coverage Regions

A Google Earth KML format file showing the coverage area of UCVM SSA models:

A Google Earth KML format file showing the coverage area of eight (8) California velocity models included in the latest version of UCVM v19.4:

California Velocity Models In UCVM VirtualBox Image

The Virtual Box Image prepared for this workshop contains 4 California Velocity Models

  • CVM-H: Southern California Velocity Model developed by Harvard Structural Geology Group with optional geotechnical layer cvmh
  • CVM-S4: Southern California Velocity Model developed by SCEC, Caltech, USGS Group with geotechnical layer cvms
  • USGS Bay Area: USGS developed San Francisco and Central California velocity model cencal
  • CCA06: Central California Area Velocity Model at iteration 6 with added optional Ely-Jordan GTL

md5sum for Image file

Since this is a large file, you can check the integrity of the downloaded file using md5sum tools: On a Linux system, download the md5sum file, then run the following command to verify the image file was downloaded without errors: md5 checksum file for Linux

$ md5sum -c ucvm_ssa_2019.ova.md5

On a mac, you can check the file using the md5 utility:

$ MD5 (ucvm_ssa_2019.ova) = e4f4597beccb42c3ad708d5972380bfc

Smaller UCVM Image Available

If the disk requirements (60GB) free for the SSA workshop image are too much for your system, a smaller VirtualBox image, with fewer CVMs, prepared for an earlier workshop is available on this SCEC webpage:

California Velocity Models in NetCDF format

These Netcdf format files contain 1km resolution versions of three of the California velocity models contained in the SSA UCVM VirtualBox software distribution.

Processing UCVM Data and Metadata files

The UCVM plotting scripts output metadata and binary data files. The following wiki entries describes how these files can be used to plot the results in an external plotting program.

Workshop Follow-up Information

UCVM Poster at SSA 2019

The UCVM poster we are presenting at SSA 2019 is available here:

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