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SCEC Community Modeling Environment CME Project researchers have developed a group of inter-related ground motion and seismic hazard modeling software tools that the National Science Foundation SI2 Project describes as a software ecosystem. Funding for this software development work comes from the National Science Foundation (NSF), W. M. Keck Foundation, Pacific Gas and Electric, and other funding sources. The links below provide access to the currently maintained SCEC open-source scientific software distributions.

This SCEC software has been used in hundreds of peer review research publications, has been used by multiple PhD students and post-docs in academic and commercial research projects, has been used in formal seismic hazard evaluations of critical structures, and has been used in socially significant seismic hazard data products released by the USGS.

CME Scientific Software Distributions

Software Distribution Scientific Application Software Homepage
SCEC-VDO 3D visualization software used to display fault models and earthquake catalogs SCEC-VDO Website
OpenSHA USGS and SCEC-developed seismic hazard analysis software OpenSHA Project Website
Broadband Platform Ground motion simulation software Broadband Platform
Community Velocity Model - Harvard (CVM-H) 3D seismic velocity model for southern California CVM-H
Community Velocity Model - SCEC (CVM-S) 3D seismic velocity model for southern California CVM-S
Unified Community Velocity Model (UCVM) Software framework for querying seismic velocity models UCVM
AWP-ODC Parallel finite difference earthquake wave propagation code AWP-ODC
Hercules Parallel finite element earthquake wave propagation code Hercules Github Repo
CSEP Earthquake forecast testing framework CSEP

CME Scientific Software Platforms

To perform large-scale research calculations, SCEC's software development staff converts scientific software used by individual researcher into scientific software used for community research. CME Project software developers integrate complex scientific codes together into larger computational systems called Computational Platforms. Each SCEC computational platform is designed to reliably perform some useful or valuable research calculation. In some cases, the large-scale computational tools customized to run efficiently on current supercomputers. Distribution of these codes require coordination and technical support from SCEC.

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