SCEC Site Effects Workshop 2015

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SCEC Workshop on 3D Site Effects in Physics-Based Ground Motion Simulations
Organizers: Domniki Asimaki (Caltech), John Anderson (UNR), Ricardo Taborda (U Memphis), Jon Stewart (UCLA)
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 (09:00-16:30)
Location: SCEC Media Room (ZHS 165), USC, Los Angeles, CA
Participants: 33 (by invitation only)


A 1-day workshop on the integration of 3D nonlinear site effects in physics-based ground motion simulations will be held at the University of Southern California on May 5. The workshop will be funded by the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), and is intended to identify and prioritize research needs in the realm of ground response and ground deformation simulation for large-scale seismological models. Specific areas that the workshop will be focusing on include:

  • Material (constitutive) models for soils in seismological models: Moving from 1D to 3D in regional-scale simulations
  • Parameterization of material models on regional scales: How to deal with scarce and sparse input parameters?
  • Large scale simulation and computational challenges (including multi-scale approaches to nonlinear site effects)
  • Coupling with engineering applications (e.g., SSI, distributed infrastructure systems, soil-city interaction simulations) and other effects (topography/geometry).


Presentation slides may be downloaded by clicking each title. PLEASE NOTE: Slides are the author's property. They may contain unpublished or preliminary information and should only be used while viewing the talk.

09:00 Breakfast Presenters
09:30 Introductions-Scope of Workshop Domniki Asimaki (Caltech)
09:40 SCEC's broadband platform (BBP) Phil Maechling (SCEC)
09:50 BBP ground motions: Verification and Validation against GMPE's Christine Goulet (PEER)
10:00 1D site response in SCEC ground motion simulations: Present and future Domniki Asimaki (Caltech)
10:10 Physics-based 3D ground motion simulations: CME High-F and SEISM projects Ricardo Taborda (UMemphis)
10:20 CyberShake Tom Jordan (SCEC)
10:30 SCEC Committee for the Utilization of Ground Motion Simulations: Summary of John Anderson (UNR)
10:45 Break
11:00 Earthquake Soil Structure Interaction Modeling and Simulation Boris Jeremic (UC-Davis)
11:20 Numerical Simulations of Seismic Waves in Nonlinear Media Daniel Roten (UCSD)
11:40 Challenges in Broad-Band Ground Motion Simulations Arben Pitarka (LLNL)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Multiaxial Constitutive and Numerical Modeling in Geo-mechanics within Critical State Theory Mahdi Taiebat (UBC)
13:20 Nonlinear Ground Response Analysis: Recent Experiments and Future Directions Scott Bradenberg (UCLA)
13:40 Recent advances in 3D full-waveform inversion for site characterization - Challenges and open issues Loukas Kallivokas (UT-Austin)
14:00 3D Numerical SSI Analysis: Some Current Practical Application Challenges and Opportunities Ahmed Elgamal (UCSD)
14:20 Geophysical Site Characterization at Strong Motion Stations in Southern California Alan Yong (USGS)
14:45 Break
15:00 Discussions and short presentations by those interested in sharing 2-3 slides (5 min.) with key questions, challenges and ideas All Participants
16:30 Adjourn


Kioumars Afshari (UCLA)++
John Anderson (UNR)
Pedro Arduino (U Washington)
Domniki Asimaki (Caltech)
Jacobo Bielak (CMU)++
Fabian Bonilla (IFSTTAR)++
Scott Bradenberg (UCLA)
Justin Coleman (INL)++
Ahmed Elgamal (UCSD)
Art Frankel (USGS)++
Christine Goulet (PEER)++
Rob Graves (USGS)
Liz Hearn (Capstone Geophysics)
Tran Huynh (SCEC)
Boris Jeremic (UC Davis)
Tom Jordan (SCEC)
Loukas Kallivokas (UT Austin)
Ting Lin (Marquette)
Phil Maechling (SCEC)
Neven Matasovic (Geo-Logic)
Kien Nguyen (Caltech)++
Kim Olsen (SDSU)
Anders Petersson (LLNL)
Arben Pitarka (LLNL)
Doriam Restrepo (EAFIT)++
Arti Rodgers (LLNL)
Daniel Roten (SDSC)
Jian Shi (Caltech)++
Jamie Steidl (UCSB)
Jon Stewart (UCLA)
Ricardo Taborda (U of Memphis)
Mahdi Taiebat (UBC)
Alan Yong (USGS)

++remote participants

Workshop Outcomes

Click here to download Workshop Report