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SCEC, the Earth Sciences department, Dornsife Technology Services (DTS), and USC HPC collaborate to support their research computing activities.

Meeting 25 Feb 2020

Notes on the proposed CSEP Gitlab Server

Meeting 19 Feb 2020

Locate these files:

  • /home/geovault-00/eymold/Research/UTM_work/referenceS426.txt
  • /home/geovault-00/eymold/Research/Full_S426/Disorganized
  • /home/geovault-00/eymold/Research/Full_S426/Organized

Ensure there are backups for:

  • Scecpedia: Ssh into, then ssh into root@scecwiki. Scripts in there used in wiki backup, likely moving the data to scecvault.

Add SL to CSEP Data Storage Report:

  • rcf-104
  • scec-00
  • scec-02
  • scec-04
  • scec-06 (HPC condo)
  • scec-01 (Mounted on

Want to re-purpose some CSEP Hardware:

  • Need CSEP server and installation of Gitlab

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