SCEC CyberInfrastructure White Papers (2017-2020)

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Recent SCEC-related CI White Papers (2017-2020):

  1. Dear Colleague Letter: Request for Information on Future Needs for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science and Engineering Research (NSF CI 2030) :
    1. DCL
      1. Response Submitted January 2017
  2. NSF 20-015 Dear Colleague Letter: Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Support Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research:
    1. DCL
      1. Response Submitted October 2019
      2. Response in original White paper format (version above was reformatted during submission)
  3. Dear Colleague Letter: Competition for Future Research Center(s) to Coordinate Research in Fundamental Earthquake Processes:
    1. DCL
      1. Response Submitted January 2020
      2. Response developed but not Submitted
  4. Dear Colleague Letter: Competition of Operations and Management of an NSF-supported Geophysical Facility to Succeed the GAGE and SAGE Facilities:
    1. DCL
      1. Response Submitted January 2020

Discussion about SCEC6 Computational Needs

  1. Report to SCEC6 Planning Committee about future SCEC Computational Needs - Submitted October 2020

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