Running UCVM on Discovery

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CARC Getting Started Documentation

Setting Up UCVM Environment on Discovery

On discovery, setup your ucvm environment. This is only needed the first time. Commands on Linux command line are preceded by %. Don't type the %

Confirm your test directory exists, if not create it with mkdir command

%cd /home1/<username>/test_ucvm

if not, create a test directory in your account

%mkdir /home1/<username/test_ucvm

For this training session, copy /home1/maechlin/test_ucvm to your /home1/<username>/test_ucvm

%cd /home1/<username>/test_ucvm

%cp /home1/maechlin/test_ucvm/* .

Confirm the files were copied


then return to your login directory %cd ~

Then add these aliases into .bashrc file

  • alias 2test="cd /home1/<username>/test_ucvm"
  • alias 2project="cd /project/scec_608/<username>/ucvm/ucvm_bin"

Save the updated .bashrc file and run the updated .bashrc file

%source ~/.bashrc


%env |grep UCVM

should see setting of UCVM related environment variable like these..



then, these command should return useful information..

%which ucvm_query

%ucvm_query -H

This alias should move you to your ucvm installation directory


This alias should move you to your test_ucvm directory


Technique to reduce auto logouts

$ ssh -o "ServerAliveInterval 60" broadband

Running ucvm_query on Discovery

This is the contents of the on discovery

(base) [maechlin@discovery1 test_ucvm]$ cat
== Linux Command Syntax ==
Example commands on Linux system. Don't type the % sign

== ucvm query Input format ==
lon, lat, depth
-118.0, 34.0 0.0

== Example query format ==
move into your test_ucvm directory where you copied files from /home1/maechlin/test_ucvm

You can use alias setup earliers

confirm files referenced are in the current directory

%ucvm_query -f /project/scec_608/<username>/ucvm_bin/conf/ucvm.conf -m cvmh <

== UCVM Basin Query ==
*[ Basin Query Examples]

== Example basin_query Command on Discovery ==
%basin_query -f /project/maechlin_162/ucvm_bin/conf/ucvm.conf -m cvmh -v 2500 < > basin_pts_cvmh.out
%cat basin_pts_cvmh.out 
which shows returns 3 depth values tuple that is, first-crossing, second crossing and the last crossing with the threshold.

== Transfer files between Discovery and laptop ==
Assume file on laptop, copy it to directory on discovery
Issue this command from directory on laptop that contains the file ucvmPlotting.yml that you want to copy
%scp ucvmPlotting.yml

or, copy files from directory on to laptop
in a directory on laptop, run this command

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