Ridgecrest Simulations

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Ridgecrest Simulation Data

We've prepared an initial ground motion data set, with details provided below. Information on these data are posted in two places:

There are documents in a google drive, that show the simulation region, and station locations and a peak ground velocity map that we calculated from the time series, at this google drive link:

The ground time time series files (3 ground motion files per station (acc, vel, dis), and 1188 stations) are larger and are posted in a 5.5Gb tar file on a SCEC server at:

Fabio Silva who helped create this dataset.

Details on Simulation and Data set:

There are a lot of stations here. For ground motion effects on common objects, we might start small, maybe with ground motions a 2 different sites, one site within 10Km of the fault, and another site 100km from the fault.

Earthquake used in Simulation:

There are type file formats that may be useful. The files can be identified by their suffix:

  • Station List (.stl),
  • Earthquake Source Description (.src), and
  • Broadband Format Ground Motion timeseries (.bbp)

These three file format is defined in BBP wiki:

  • Station List file format (.stl): ridgecrest2019-all-stations-vs30.stl
  • Earthquake Source Description (.src): rc7.1_1seg-s1.src
  • Broadband Format Ground Motion Time Series: 10000050.sta0203.vel.bbp

In this data set, we have included an acc, vel, and dis file for each site, so three files per site, and 1188 stations (total of 3564 .bbp files).

These files have four columns:

  • Column 1 is the simulation time. Simulation time 0 corresponds to the earthquake origin time as given above by USGS.
  • Columns 2, 3, and 4 are the three components of motion. The data set includes output time series in three different intensity measure types with different units:
    • Acceleration (acc): cm/sec2
    • Velocity(vel): cm/sec
    • Displacement(dis): cm

Ground motion data files naming convention is: simID.stationID.gmType.bbp

  • SimID is assigned by the scec ground motion simulation program. Each sim can produce multiple ground motion time series files for different sites.
  • stationID is used to define the lat and lon of the ground motions. A mapping from stationID to lat/long of station given in the file: ridgecrest2019-all-stations-vs30.stl
  • gmType is one of these three letter codes: acc vel dis