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Updates on Research Computing Activities

22 October 2020

15 Oct 2020

7 Aug 2020

  • Workplanning with Group through SCEC annual meeting
    • CTM/GFM site, CFM 5.3 integration, SCMV site updates, UCVM consolidation for next release
    • BBP model development and runs to support Ridgecrest, High-F processing and tools to support La Habra sims
    • CSEP workshop planning and PyCSEP software release, and tutorial development
    • CyberShake BBP workflow development and testing
    • Contribution of CVM models to IRIS EMC to support CVM workshop

17 July 2020

CSEP Workshop Planning

  • Proposed workshop concept seems to be Workshop as series of talks overs several weeks, recorded, like a seminar series.
  • Are there two CSEP workshops?
  • What coordination is needed with HQ, what kind of help is CSEP group asking for (e.g. website), when does the workshop need to be completed, are there suggestions on what topics or speakers are covered.

New prototypes for CFM and GFM Viewers

AGU Sessions and Abstracts

  • “Developments in Earthquake Ground Motion Modeling and Advancements Towards Fault-to-Structure Simulations”
    • Scott Callaghan - CyberShake with BBP
    • Fabio Silva - BBP with Ridgecrest Validation Events
  • Integrating Related Earthquake Datasets: How to combine Geodesy, Seismology, and Geology in Informative Ways
    • Mei-Hui Su - CVM/GFM/CFM/CTM Webviewers
  • A tour of open-source software packages for the geosciences
    • Willian Savran - PyCSEP developments

CSEP Cluster

  • Accessible through VPN
  • Documentation from JY

AWS Gitlab Server

  • Reviewed Estimate from AWS with AWS/WS/SC
  • Continue with free service while reviewing GDPR requirements

New laptop arrived this week

  • Will send old one in for battery repair once restore is completed

June 19 2020

  • Local version of kitchen scene
  • Received gitlab on aws estimate
  • Defined done for development of csep cluster
  • Updated CFM site change requests from Scott M
  • Suggest review of CXM sites and plans
  • BBP sprint planning with FS
  • Asking about XSEDE allocation computing needs
  • Ground Motion Modeling special issue
  • EarthCube yt geoplots and geochronology presentations
  • CSEP (D. Jackson) suggestion position papers for annual meeting
  • Cheese call Monday 8am
  • Activity info on slack channel

June 5 2020

1 May 2020

17 April 2020

  • Described a new type of "depth/elevation query model for Albacore Model
  • Reviewed of Vs30 values returned from UCVM
  • New deployment of UCVM_Web adds new models (added .M01, CenCal, Albacore, 1D models)
  • CSEP Software development configured to run tests on new codes
    • Travis-CI
  • Updating CyberShake to calc 10Hz seismograms
  • High-F improvements to process AWP, RGW, Hercules, and EDGE 4Hz+ seismograms consistently
  • SCEC Contributions to NSF OCI
    • NSF 20-015 Dear Colleague Letter: Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Support Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research
    • Responses
    • Dear Colleague Letter: Request for Information on Future Needs for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science and Engineering Research (NSF CI 2030)
    • CI2030 Responses
  • Scott nomination for OLCF User Group Executive Board
  • Proposed Staff Talk - Thursday
    • Maechling - Developing a CVM Testing System

13 March 2020

14 Feb 2020

Activities since start of 2020

 docker pull sceccode/miniucvm

7 Feb 2020

  • Developed RC material for FRES proposal
  • Contributed drafts of 2 white papers
  • What messages do we want from our HPC collaborator (TACC,NCSA, SDSC, Pegasus)?
    • Earth science as a technology driver (Earth Simulator)
    • Co-design (computer and research goal) idea
    • Need for dedicated domain specific computing
    • Need for on-demand computing
    • Need for Simulation Data Management
    • Need for observational data management
  • Call with M. Kholer/D. Bowden about adding their offshore model to UCVM
  • Working on series CXM activities some with pending reviews from CXM group
    • CFM Web Community Fault Model Viewer update
    • GFM Web Geological Framework Model Viewer update
    • CVM Web Community Velocity Model Viewer review
    • Simplified CVM-S4.26 distribution
  • SCEC/USC now has some IT support from Steve Lin (replacement for John Yu). CSEP needs a dedicated system for testing codes, will coordinate with Yehuda on how to get his help. Options include approach John Parker, or Steve, Yehuda coordination with Frank, or we setup ourselves.

Coordinating Staff Meeting

There is a series of documents describing your responsibilities when coordinating the staff meeting.

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