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CyberShake Data Access training will focus on preparing the group to access existing CyberShake data sets. At the conclusion of the training, we want the group to possess the information and skills needed to answer five known data access tasks (below), and five data access tasks (presented only after training).

Final CyberShake Data Access Questions (Known Questions)

  1. Get the peak amp value, and rupture causing that peak amplitude, for station WNGC for 4 different velocity models for study 14.2
  2. Get the max ground motion for any valid site in study 17.3 (default site PAS), and retrieve the two component seismograms that produced the max ground motions.
  3. Get a list of ruptures used for site WNGC in CyberShake 17.3 Then find the srf’s that describe them.
  4. Compare hazard curves for LADT 3SA from 14.2, 15.5, 17.3
  5. Create a CyberShake hazard map showing shaking levels (PSA3.0) with a probability of exceedance of 2% in 30 years, interpolated on background hazard map based on C&B, with topography.

Final CyberShake Data Access Questions (Unknown Questions)

  • TBD

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