CyberShake Basin Ground Motions

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Our CyberShake Study 22.12 ground motions since these are the most recent and more carefully verified and validated. The 1Hz and longer period ground motions are currently available for that study, and the 10Hz+ ground motions are expected to be available by the end of this month.

The CyberShake datasets are quite large (about 600K ruptures and seismogram pairs (horizontal motions only) per site – about 60GB+ per site) we recommend selecting a small number of sites (5 or so) and then some criteria for selecting ruptures for these sites that you would like to look at.

Velocity Model Information

Study 22.12 Vs30, Z1.0, and Z2.5 models here: The Z1.0 and Z2.5 are derived from the velocity model used in the simulation.

Links to CyberShake Study Information

Study 22.12 Site list in KML format is here:

Study 22.12 Initial Hazard Curves

User Instructions for Querying CyberShake Database

Description of how to Query CyberShake Database

CyberShake Data Access Training Materials

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