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Daniel Roten, Kim Olsen have used AWP-ODC-GPU software to run simulations of large magnitude earthquakes in the Cascadia region.

Cascadia M9.2

  • Daniel Roten recently ran a simulation of a M9.2 Cascadia earthquake on Summit, to compare ground motions against the previous Titan simulations, using 375 V100 GPUs for 3:30 hrs.
  • These data are on OLCF Summit in the Alpine file system:
  • A world readable copy is posted on the world-shared filesystem at:

Simulation Surface Ground Motion Timeseries

  • Deterministic 1Hz ground motion data:
  • 3 components x 343 datafiles per component
  • 22TB of simulation output surface velocity data on a dense grid

Broadband ground motion data

A selected subset of the M9.2 velocity timeseries were processed to add stochastic high frequencies to the ground motions. These broadband ground motion data are available for use for a smaller region, on a less dense grid.

Format Description

  1. The sampling interval in the output is 40 ms (250 samples per second).
  2. The total simulation duration is 450 seconds.
  3. The time step used in the finite difference simulation was 4 ms, and 102,000 time steps were computed.
  4. The output files are binary, and contain ground velocities (m/s) as

32-bit floating point numbers.

  1. There is no file header.
  2. Each component is saved in separate files, and the data are aggregated

in files containing 100 time steps.

  1. The naming convention is S%c_0_%07d, where the character stands for the component (X, Y or Z), the 7-digit number for the last time step in the file (e.g., 1000 for the first file, and 102,000 for the last one).
  2. Inside each binary file, X increases fastest, followed by Y, and time t increasing slowest.

Simulation Configuration File

The AWP-ODC-GPU IN3D configuration file used on Summit to run the M9.2:

(base) [pmaech@login5.summit scen_13_a_S_66m_dm_summit_flt]$ more IN3D.out
      448.001 TMAX          = propagation time
      66.6666667 DH            = spatial step for x, y, z (meters)
      0.004 DT            = time step (seconds)
        0 NPC           = PML or Cerjan ABC (1=PML, 0=Cerjan)
       10 ND	  	= ABC thickness (grid-points) PML <= 20, Cerjan >= 20 
     0.95 ARBC          = coefficient for PML (3-4), or Cerjan (0.90-0.96)
      0.0 PHT	        = M-PML coefficient
     25600 NSRC          = number of source nodes on fault
     2400 NST           = number of time steps in rupture functions 
     9720 NX            = x model dimension in nodes
    16065 NY            = y model dimension in nodes
       80 NZ            = z model dimension in nodes
        2 NPX           = number of procs in the x direction
        2 NPY           = number of procs in the Y direction
        1 NPZ           = number of procs in the Z direction
        2 IFAULT        =  mode selection and fault or initial stress setting
        0 CHECKPOINT    =  checkpoint at step
        1 ISFCVLM       =  output options, surface and volume output
        0 IMD5          =  MD5 output option
        1 IVELOCITY     =  output accumulation option
        1 MEDIARESTART  =  initial media restart option
        8 NVAR          =  number of variables in a grid point
        1 IOST          =  max amount of reader (RANKSIZE/IOST)
        1 PARTDEG       =  further XY plane partitioning when mediarestart=2
        1 IO_OPT        =  output data on/off option
        1 PERF_MEAS     =  performance timing measurement on/off
        1 IDYNA         =  mode selection of dynamic rupture model
        1 SOCALQ        =  (or NEG_LAMBDA) Southern California Vp-Vs Q relationship enabling flag
        1 NVE           = visco or elastic scheme (1=visco, 0=elastic)
       0.0 MU_SS       = cohesion
      0.12 MU_DD       = dynamic friction coefficient (not used)
    0.005 FL		= Q bandwidth low frequency
   1200.0 FH		= Q bandwidth high frequency
      1.0 FP		= Q bandwidth central frequency
        1 NBGX         = first x node to contain receivers
     9720 NEDX         = last x node to contain receivers
        1 NSKPX        = skip of nodes containing x receivers
        1 NBGY         = first y node to contain receivers
    16065 NEDY         = last y node to contain receivers
        1 NSKPY        = skip of nodes containing y receivers
        1 NBGZ         = first z node to contain receivers
        1 NEDZ         = last z node to contain receivers
        1 NSKPZ        = skip of nodes containing z receivers
       10 NTISKP       = time skip of seismograms (every nth step)
        1 NBGX2          = first x node to contain receivers
      192 NEDX2          = last x node to contain receivers
        1 NSKPX2         = skip of nodes containing x receivers
        1 NBGY2          = first y node to contain receivers
      192 NEDY2          = last y node to contain receivers
        1 NSKPY2         = skip of nodes containing y receivers
        1 NBGZ2          = first z node to contain receivers
      192 NEDZ2          = last z node to contain receivers
        1 NSKPZ2         = skip of nodes containing z receivers
        2 NTISKP2        = time skip of seismograms (every nth step)
'output_ckp/chkp' CHKP  = input and derived parameters for QC
'output_ckp/chkj' CHKJ  = single location output for QC
'sliprate.dat' INSRC  = mt based fault file
'SAF_dyn_50m_test+idx' INVEL  = velocity structure file
'output_sfc/SX_0_' SXRGO  = x regular-grid volume/time output
'output_sfc/SY_0_' SYRGO  = y regular-grid volume/time output
'output_sfc/SZ_0_' SZRGO  = z regular-grid volume/time output
'output_vlm/VX' SXRGO2  =  regular-grid slip/time output 
'output_vlm/VY' SYRGO2  =  regular-grid sliprate/time output
'output_vlm/VZ' SZRGO2  =  regular-grid rupture output
'output_dyn/SGSN' SGSN       =  file to host 19 more variables for SGSN mode
	0	OFASTT       = output format: on(1)/off(0) fast


Metadata for the Cascadia M9.2 simulation data

  • Points in X: 9,720
  • Points in Y: 16,065
  • Resolution along X and Y: 66.666 m
  • The projection is UTM for zone 10. There is no rotation, with the X

axis pointing from west to east and the Y axis from south to north.

  • The UTM coordinates for the X and Y axis are given in the two attached

ASCII files.

  • The sampling interval in the output is 40 ms (250 samples per second).
  • The total simulation duration is 448 seconds.
  • The time step used in the finite difference simulation was 4 ms, and

102,000 time steps were computed.

  • The output files are binary, and contain ground velocities (m/s) as

32-bit floating point numbers.

  • There is no file header.
  • Each component is saved in separate files, and the data are aggregated

in files containing 100 time steps.

  • The naming convention is S%c_0_%07d, where the character stands for the component (X, Y or Z), the 7-digit number for the last time step in the file (e.g., 1000 for the first file, and 102,000 for the last one).
  • Inside each binary file, X increases fastest, followed by Y, and time t increasing slowest.


Daniel Roten created a sample visualization done from a similar simulation (same resolution, but different scenario), which you might want to share along with the data:

Cascadia M9.0

A previous version of data for a magnitude 9.0 was posted on Rhea/Titan in the directory:


output directory

(base) [pmaech@login5.summit output_sfc]$ du -sh S*

59G	SX_0_0001000
59G	SX_0_0002000
59G	SX_0_0003000
59G	SX_0_0004000
59G	SX_0_0005000
59G	SX_0_0006000
59G	SX_0_0007000
59G	SX_0_0008000
59G	SX_0_0009000
59G	SX_0_0010000
59G	SX_0_0011000
59G	SX_0_0012000
59G	SX_0_0013000
59G	SX_0_0014000
59G	SX_0_0015000
59G	SX_0_0016000
59G	SX_0_0017000
59G	SX_0_0018000
59G	SX_0_0019000
59G	SX_0_0020000
59G	SX_0_0021000
59G	SX_0_0022000
59G	SX_0_0023000
59G	SX_0_0024000
59G	SX_0_0025000
59G	SX_0_0026000
59G	SX_0_0027000
59G	SX_0_0028000
59G	SX_0_0029000
59G	SX_0_0030000
59G	SX_0_0031000
59G	SX_0_0032000
59G	SX_0_0033000
59G	SX_0_0034000
59G	SX_0_0035000
59G	SX_0_0036000
59G	SX_0_0037000
59G	SX_0_0038000
59G	SX_0_0039000
59G	SX_0_0040000
59G	SX_0_0041000
59G	SX_0_0042000
59G	SX_0_0043000
59G	SX_0_0044000
59G	SX_0_0045000
59G	SX_0_0046000
59G	SX_0_0047000
59G	SX_0_0048000
59G	SX_0_0049000
59G	SX_0_0050000
59G	SX_0_0051000
59G	SX_0_0052000
59G	SX_0_0053000
59G	SX_0_0054000
59G	SX_0_0055000
59G	SX_0_0056000
59G	SX_0_0057000
59G	SX_0_0058000
59G	SX_0_0059000
59G	SX_0_0060000
59G	SX_0_0061000
59G	SX_0_0062000
59G	SX_0_0063000
59G	SX_0_0064000
59G	SX_0_0065000
59G	SX_0_0066000
59G	SX_0_0067000
59G	SX_0_0068000
59G	SX_0_0069000
59G	SX_0_0070000
59G	SX_0_0071000
59G	SX_0_0072000
59G	SX_0_0073000
59G	SX_0_0074000
59G	SX_0_0075000
59G	SX_0_0076000
59G	SX_0_0077000
59G	SX_0_0078000
59G	SX_0_0079000
59G	SX_0_0080000
59G	SX_0_0081000
59G	SX_0_0082000
59G	SX_0_0083000
59G	SX_0_0084000
59G	SX_0_0085000
59G	SX_0_0086000
59G	SX_0_0087000
59G	SX_0_0088000
59G	SX_0_0089000
59G	SX_0_0090000
59G	SX_0_0091000
59G	SX_0_0092000
59G	SX_0_0093000
59G	SX_0_0094000
59G	SX_0_0095000
59G	SX_0_0096000
59G	SX_0_0097000
59G	SX_0_0098000
59G	SX_0_0099000
59G	SX_0_0100000
59G	SX_0_0101000
59G	SX_0_0102000
59G	SX_0_0103000
59G	SX_0_0104000
59G	SX_0_0105000
59G	SX_0_0106000
59G	SX_0_0107000
59G	SX_0_0108000
59G	SX_0_0109000
59G	SX_0_0110000
59G	SX_0_0111000
59G	SX_0_0112000
160K	SX_0_6000_6600_0001.dat
160K	SX_0_6001_6601_0001.dat
160K	SX_0_6162_13084_0001.dat
160K	SX_0_7628_14775_0001.dat
160K	SX_0_7901_8103_0001.dat
160K	SX_0_8601_11857_0001.dat
160K	SX_0_8636_11784_0001.dat
6.5G	SX_1_0001000
6.5G	SX_1_0002000
6.5G	SX_1_0003000
6.5G	SX_1_0004000
6.5G	SX_1_0005000
6.5G	SX_1_0006000
6.5G	SX_1_0007000
6.5G	SX_1_0008000
6.5G	SX_1_0009000
6.5G	SX_1_0010000
6.5G	SX_1_0011000
6.5G	SX_1_0012000
6.5G	SX_1_0013000
6.5G	SX_1_0014000
6.5G	SX_1_0015000
6.5G	SX_1_0016000
6.5G	SX_1_0017000
6.5G	SX_1_0018000
6.5G	SX_1_0019000
6.5G	SX_1_0020000
6.5G	SX_1_0021000
6.5G	SX_1_0022000
6.5G	SX_1_0023000
6.5G	SX_1_0024000
6.5G	SX_1_0025000
6.5G	SX_1_0026000
6.5G	SX_1_0027000
6.5G	SX_1_0028000
6.5G	SX_1_0029000
6.5G	SX_1_0030000
6.5G	SX_1_0031000
6.5G	SX_1_0032000
6.5G	SX_1_0033000
6.5G	SX_1_0034000
6.5G	SX_1_0035000
6.5G	SX_1_0036000
6.5G	SX_1_0037000
6.5G	SX_1_0038000
6.5G	SX_1_0039000
6.5G	SX_1_0040000
6.5G	SX_1_0041000
6.5G	SX_1_0042000
6.5G	SX_1_0043000
6.5G	SX_1_0044000
6.5G	SX_1_0045000
6.5G	SX_1_0046000
6.5G	SX_1_0047000
6.5G	SX_1_0048000
6.5G	SX_1_0049000
6.5G	SX_1_0050000
6.5G	SX_1_0051000
6.5G	SX_1_0052000
6.5G	SX_1_0053000
6.5G	SX_1_0054000
6.5G	SX_1_0055000
6.5G	SX_1_0056000
6.5G	SX_1_0057000
6.5G	SX_1_0058000
6.5G	SX_1_0059000
6.5G	SX_1_0060000
6.5G	SX_1_0061000
6.5G	SX_1_0062000
6.5G	SX_1_0063000
6.5G	SX_1_0064000
6.5G	SX_1_0065000
6.5G	SX_1_0066000
6.5G	SX_1_0067000
6.5G	SX_1_0068000
6.5G	SX_1_0069000
6.5G	SX_1_0070000
6.5G	SX_1_0071000
6.5G	SX_1_0072000
6.5G	SX_1_0073000
6.5G	SX_1_0074000
6.5G	SX_1_0075000
6.5G	SX_1_0076000
6.5G	SX_1_0077000
6.5G	SX_1_0078000
6.5G	SX_1_0079000
6.5G	SX_1_0080000
6.5G	SX_1_0081000
6.5G	SX_1_0082000
6.5G	SX_1_0083000
6.5G	SX_1_0084000
6.5G	SX_1_0085000
6.5G	SX_1_0086000
6.5G	SX_1_0087000
6.5G	SX_1_0088000
6.5G	SX_1_0089000
6.5G	SX_1_0090000
6.5G	SX_1_0091000
6.5G	SX_1_0092000
6.5G	SX_1_0093000
6.5G	SX_1_0094000
6.5G	SX_1_0095000
6.5G	SX_1_0096000
6.5G	SX_1_0097000
6.5G	SX_1_0098000
6.5G	SX_1_0099000
6.5G	SX_1_0100000
6.5G	SX_1_0101000
6.5G	SX_1_0102000
6.5G	SX_1_0103000
6.5G	SX_1_0104000
6.5G	SX_1_0105000
6.5G	SX_1_0106000
6.5G	SX_1_0107000
6.5G	SX_1_0108000
6.5G	SX_1_0109000
6.5G	SX_1_0110000
6.5G	SX_1_0111000
6.5G	SX_1_0112000
736M	SX_2_0001000
736M	SX_2_0002000
736M	SX_2_0003000
736M	SX_2_0004000
736M	SX_2_0005000
736M	SX_2_0006000
736M	SX_2_0007000
736M	SX_2_0008000
736M	SX_2_0009000
736M	SX_2_0010000
736M	SX_2_0011000
736M	SX_2_0012000
736M	SX_2_0013000
736M	SX_2_0014000
736M	SX_2_0015000
736M	SX_2_0016000
736M	SX_2_0017000
736M	SX_2_0018000
736M	SX_2_0019000
736M	SX_2_0020000
736M	SX_2_0021000
736M	SX_2_0022000
736M	SX_2_0023000
736M	SX_2_0024000
736M	SX_2_0025000
736M	SX_2_0026000
736M	SX_2_0027000
736M	SX_2_0028000
736M	SX_2_0029000
736M	SX_2_0030000
736M	SX_2_0031000
736M	SX_2_0032000
736M	SX_2_0033000
736M	SX_2_0034000
736M	SX_2_0035000
736M	SX_2_0036000
736M	SX_2_0037000
736M	SX_2_0038000
736M	SX_2_0039000
736M	SX_2_0040000
736M	SX_2_0041000
736M	SX_2_0042000
736M	SX_2_0043000
736M	SX_2_0044000
736M	SX_2_0045000
736M	SX_2_0046000
736M	SX_2_0047000
736M	SX_2_0048000
736M	SX_2_0049000
736M	SX_2_0050000
736M	SX_2_0051000
736M	SX_2_0052000
736M	SX_2_0053000
736M	SX_2_0054000
736M	SX_2_0055000
736M	SX_2_0056000
736M	SX_2_0057000
736M	SX_2_0058000
736M	SX_2_0059000
736M	SX_2_0060000
736M	SX_2_0061000
736M	SX_2_0062000
736M	SX_2_0063000
736M	SX_2_0064000
736M	SX_2_0065000
736M	SX_2_0066000
736M	SX_2_0067000
736M	SX_2_0068000
736M	SX_2_0069000
736M	SX_2_0070000
736M	SX_2_0071000
736M	SX_2_0072000
736M	SX_2_0073000
736M	SX_2_0074000
736M	SX_2_0075000
736M	SX_2_0076000
736M	SX_2_0077000
736M	SX_2_0078000
736M	SX_2_0079000
736M	SX_2_0080000
736M	SX_2_0081000
736M	SX_2_0082000
736M	SX_2_0083000
736M	SX_2_0084000
736M	SX_2_0085000
736M	SX_2_0086000
736M	SX_2_0087000
736M	SX_2_0088000
736M	SX_2_0089000
736M	SX_2_0090000
736M	SX_2_0091000
736M	SX_2_0092000
736M	SX_2_0093000
736M	SX_2_0094000
736M	SX_2_0095000
736M	SX_2_0096000
736M	SX_2_0097000
736M	SX_2_0098000
736M	SX_2_0099000
736M	SX_2_0100000
736M	SX_2_0101000
736M	SX_2_0102000
736M	SX_2_0103000
736M	SX_2_0104000
736M	SX_2_0105000
736M	SX_2_0106000
736M	SX_2_0107000
736M	SX_2_0108000
736M	SX_2_0109000
736M	SX_2_0110000
736M	SX_2_0111000
736M	SX_2_0112000
59G	SY_0_0001000
59G	SY_0_0002000
59G	SY_0_0003000
59G	SY_0_0004000
59G	SY_0_0005000
59G	SY_0_0006000
59G	SY_0_0007000
59G	SY_0_0008000
59G	SY_0_0009000
59G	SY_0_0010000
59G	SY_0_0011000
59G	SY_0_0012000
59G	SY_0_0013000
59G	SY_0_0014000
59G	SY_0_0015000
59G	SY_0_0016000
59G	SY_0_0017000
59G	SY_0_0018000
59G	SY_0_0019000
59G	SY_0_0020000
59G	SY_0_0021000
59G	SY_0_0022000
59G	SY_0_0023000
59G	SY_0_0024000
59G	SY_0_0025000
59G	SY_0_0026000
59G	SY_0_0027000
59G	SY_0_0028000
59G	SY_0_0029000
59G	SY_0_0030000
59G	SY_0_0031000
59G	SY_0_0032000
59G	SY_0_0033000
59G	SY_0_0034000
59G	SY_0_0035000
59G	SY_0_0036000
59G	SY_0_0037000
59G	SY_0_0038000
59G	SY_0_0039000
59G	SY_0_0040000
59G	SY_0_0041000
59G	SY_0_0042000
59G	SY_0_0043000
59G	SY_0_0044000
59G	SY_0_0045000
59G	SY_0_0046000
59G	SY_0_0047000
59G	SY_0_0048000
59G	SY_0_0049000
59G	SY_0_0050000
59G	SY_0_0051000
59G	SY_0_0052000
59G	SY_0_0053000
59G	SY_0_0054000
59G	SY_0_0055000
59G	SY_0_0056000
59G	SY_0_0057000
59G	SY_0_0058000
59G	SY_0_0059000
59G	SY_0_0060000
59G	SY_0_0061000
59G	SY_0_0062000
59G	SY_0_0063000
59G	SY_0_0064000
59G	SY_0_0065000
59G	SY_0_0066000
59G	SY_0_0067000
59G	SY_0_0068000
59G	SY_0_0069000
59G	SY_0_0070000
59G	SY_0_0071000
59G	SY_0_0072000
59G	SY_0_0073000
59G	SY_0_0074000
59G	SY_0_0075000
59G	SY_0_0076000
59G	SY_0_0077000
59G	SY_0_0078000
59G	SY_0_0079000
59G	SY_0_0080000
59G	SY_0_0081000
59G	SY_0_0082000
59G	SY_0_0083000
59G	SY_0_0084000
59G	SY_0_0085000
59G	SY_0_0086000
59G	SY_0_0087000
59G	SY_0_0088000
59G	SY_0_0089000
59G	SY_0_0090000
59G	SY_0_0091000
59G	SY_0_0092000
59G	SY_0_0093000
59G	SY_0_0094000
59G	SY_0_0095000
59G	SY_0_0096000
59G	SY_0_0097000
59G	SY_0_0098000
59G	SY_0_0099000
59G	SY_0_0100000
59G	SY_0_0101000
59G	SY_0_0102000
59G	SY_0_0103000
59G	SY_0_0104000
59G	SY_0_0105000
59G	SY_0_0106000
59G	SY_0_0107000
59G	SY_0_0108000
59G	SY_0_0109000
59G	SY_0_0110000
59G	SY_0_0111000
59G	SY_0_0112000
160K	SY_0_6000_6600_0001.dat
160K	SY_0_6001_6601_0001.dat
160K	SY_0_6162_13084_0001.dat
160K	SY_0_7628_14775_0001.dat
160K	SY_0_7901_8103_0001.dat
160K	SY_0_8601_11857_0001.dat
160K	SY_0_8636_11784_0001.dat
6.5G	SY_1_0001000
6.5G	SY_1_0002000
6.5G	SY_1_0003000
6.5G	SY_1_0004000
6.5G	SY_1_0005000
6.5G	SY_1_0006000
6.5G	SY_1_0007000
6.5G	SY_1_0008000
6.5G	SY_1_0009000
6.5G	SY_1_0010000
6.5G	SY_1_0011000
6.5G	SY_1_0012000
6.5G	SY_1_0013000
6.5G	SY_1_0014000
6.5G	SY_1_0015000
6.5G	SY_1_0016000
6.5G	SY_1_0017000
6.5G	SY_1_0018000
6.5G	SY_1_0019000
6.5G	SY_1_0020000
6.5G	SY_1_0021000
6.5G	SY_1_0022000
6.5G	SY_1_0023000
6.5G	SY_1_0024000
6.5G	SY_1_0025000
6.5G	SY_1_0026000
6.5G	SY_1_0027000
6.5G	SY_1_0028000
6.5G	SY_1_0029000
6.5G	SY_1_0030000
6.5G	SY_1_0031000
6.5G	SY_1_0032000
6.5G	SY_1_0033000
6.5G	SY_1_0034000
6.5G	SY_1_0035000
6.5G	SY_1_0036000
6.5G	SY_1_0037000
6.5G	SY_1_0038000
6.5G	SY_1_0039000
6.5G	SY_1_0040000
6.5G	SY_1_0041000
6.5G	SY_1_0042000
6.5G	SY_1_0043000
6.5G	SY_1_0044000
6.5G	SY_1_0045000
6.5G	SY_1_0046000
6.5G	SY_1_0047000
6.5G	SY_1_0048000
6.5G	SY_1_0049000
6.5G	SY_1_0050000
6.5G	SY_1_0051000
6.5G	SY_1_0052000
6.5G	SY_1_0053000
6.5G	SY_1_0054000
6.5G	SY_1_0055000
6.5G	SY_1_0056000
6.5G	SY_1_0057000
6.5G	SY_1_0058000
6.5G	SY_1_0059000
6.5G	SY_1_0060000
6.5G	SY_1_0061000
6.5G	SY_1_0062000
6.5G	SY_1_0063000
6.5G	SY_1_0064000
6.5G	SY_1_0065000
6.5G	SY_1_0066000
6.5G	SY_1_0067000
6.5G	SY_1_0068000
6.5G	SY_1_0069000
6.5G	SY_1_0070000
6.5G	SY_1_0071000
6.5G	SY_1_0072000
6.5G	SY_1_0073000
6.5G	SY_1_0074000
6.5G	SY_1_0075000
6.5G	SY_1_0076000
6.5G	SY_1_0077000
6.5G	SY_1_0078000
6.5G	SY_1_0079000
6.5G	SY_1_0080000
6.5G	SY_1_0081000
6.5G	SY_1_0082000
6.5G	SY_1_0083000
6.5G	SY_1_0084000
6.5G	SY_1_0085000
6.5G	SY_1_0086000
6.5G	SY_1_0087000
6.5G	SY_1_0088000
6.5G	SY_1_0089000
6.5G	SY_1_0090000
6.5G	SY_1_0091000
6.5G	SY_1_0092000
6.5G	SY_1_0093000
6.5G	SY_1_0094000
6.5G	SY_1_0095000
6.5G	SY_1_0096000
6.5G	SY_1_0097000
6.5G	SY_1_0098000
6.5G	SY_1_0099000
6.5G	SY_1_0100000
6.5G	SY_1_0101000
6.5G	SY_1_0102000
6.5G	SY_1_0103000
6.5G	SY_1_0104000
6.5G	SY_1_0105000
6.5G	SY_1_0106000
6.5G	SY_1_0107000
6.5G	SY_1_0108000
6.5G	SY_1_0109000
6.5G	SY_1_0110000
6.5G	SY_1_0111000
6.5G	SY_1_0112000
736M	SY_2_0001000
736M	SY_2_0002000
736M	SY_2_0003000
736M	SY_2_0004000
736M	SY_2_0005000
736M	SY_2_0006000
736M	SY_2_0007000
736M	SY_2_0008000
736M	SY_2_0009000
736M	SY_2_0010000
736M	SY_2_0011000
736M	SY_2_0012000
736M	SY_2_0013000
736M	SY_2_0014000
736M	SY_2_0015000
736M	SY_2_0016000
736M	SY_2_0017000
736M	SY_2_0018000
736M	SY_2_0019000
736M	SY_2_0020000
736M	SY_2_0021000
736M	SY_2_0022000
736M	SY_2_0023000
736M	SY_2_0024000
736M	SY_2_0025000
736M	SY_2_0026000
736M	SY_2_0027000
736M	SY_2_0028000
736M	SY_2_0029000
736M	SY_2_0030000
736M	SY_2_0031000
736M	SY_2_0032000
736M	SY_2_0033000
736M	SY_2_0034000
736M	SY_2_0035000
736M	SY_2_0036000
736M	SY_2_0037000
736M	SY_2_0038000
736M	SY_2_0039000
736M	SY_2_0040000
736M	SY_2_0041000
736M	SY_2_0042000
736M	SY_2_0043000
736M	SY_2_0044000
736M	SY_2_0045000
736M	SY_2_0046000
736M	SY_2_0047000
736M	SY_2_0048000
736M	SY_2_0049000
736M	SY_2_0050000
736M	SY_2_0051000
736M	SY_2_0052000
736M	SY_2_0053000
736M	SY_2_0054000
736M	SY_2_0055000
736M	SY_2_0056000
736M	SY_2_0057000
736M	SY_2_0058000
736M	SY_2_0059000
736M	SY_2_0060000
736M	SY_2_0061000
736M	SY_2_0062000
736M	SY_2_0063000
736M	SY_2_0064000
736M	SY_2_0065000
736M	SY_2_0066000
736M	SY_2_0067000
736M	SY_2_0068000
736M	SY_2_0069000
736M	SY_2_0070000
736M	SY_2_0071000
736M	SY_2_0072000
736M	SY_2_0073000
736M	SY_2_0074000
736M	SY_2_0075000
736M	SY_2_0076000
736M	SY_2_0077000
736M	SY_2_0078000
736M	SY_2_0079000
736M	SY_2_0080000
736M	SY_2_0081000
736M	SY_2_0082000
736M	SY_2_0083000
736M	SY_2_0084000
736M	SY_2_0085000
736M	SY_2_0086000
736M	SY_2_0087000
736M	SY_2_0088000
736M	SY_2_0089000
736M	SY_2_0090000
736M	SY_2_0091000
736M	SY_2_0092000
736M	SY_2_0093000
736M	SY_2_0094000
736M	SY_2_0095000
736M	SY_2_0096000
736M	SY_2_0097000
736M	SY_2_0098000
736M	SY_2_0099000
736M	SY_2_0100000
736M	SY_2_0101000
736M	SY_2_0102000
736M	SY_2_0103000
736M	SY_2_0104000
736M	SY_2_0105000
736M	SY_2_0106000
736M	SY_2_0107000
736M	SY_2_0108000
736M	SY_2_0109000
736M	SY_2_0110000
736M	SY_2_0111000
736M	SY_2_0112000
59G	SZ_0_0001000
59G	SZ_0_0002000
59G	SZ_0_0003000
59G	SZ_0_0004000
59G	SZ_0_0005000
59G	SZ_0_0006000
59G	SZ_0_0007000
59G	SZ_0_0008000
59G	SZ_0_0009000
59G	SZ_0_0010000
59G	SZ_0_0011000
59G	SZ_0_0012000
59G	SZ_0_0013000
59G	SZ_0_0014000
59G	SZ_0_0015000
59G	SZ_0_0016000
59G	SZ_0_0017000
59G	SZ_0_0018000
59G	SZ_0_0019000
59G	SZ_0_0020000
59G	SZ_0_0021000
59G	SZ_0_0022000
59G	SZ_0_0023000
59G	SZ_0_0024000
59G	SZ_0_0025000
59G	SZ_0_0026000
59G	SZ_0_0027000
59G	SZ_0_0028000
59G	SZ_0_0029000
59G	SZ_0_0030000
59G	SZ_0_0031000
59G	SZ_0_0032000
59G	SZ_0_0033000
59G	SZ_0_0034000
59G	SZ_0_0035000
59G	SZ_0_0036000
59G	SZ_0_0037000
59G	SZ_0_0038000
59G	SZ_0_0039000
59G	SZ_0_0040000
59G	SZ_0_0041000
59G	SZ_0_0042000
59G	SZ_0_0043000
59G	SZ_0_0044000
59G	SZ_0_0045000
59G	SZ_0_0046000
59G	SZ_0_0047000
59G	SZ_0_0048000
59G	SZ_0_0049000
59G	SZ_0_0050000
59G	SZ_0_0051000
59G	SZ_0_0052000
59G	SZ_0_0053000
59G	SZ_0_0054000
59G	SZ_0_0055000
59G	SZ_0_0056000
59G	SZ_0_0057000
59G	SZ_0_0058000
59G	SZ_0_0059000
59G	SZ_0_0060000
59G	SZ_0_0061000
59G	SZ_0_0062000
59G	SZ_0_0063000
59G	SZ_0_0064000
59G	SZ_0_0065000
59G	SZ_0_0066000
59G	SZ_0_0067000
59G	SZ_0_0068000
59G	SZ_0_0069000
59G	SZ_0_0070000
59G	SZ_0_0071000
59G	SZ_0_0072000
59G	SZ_0_0073000
59G	SZ_0_0074000
59G	SZ_0_0075000
59G	SZ_0_0076000
59G	SZ_0_0077000
59G	SZ_0_0078000
59G	SZ_0_0079000
59G	SZ_0_0080000
59G	SZ_0_0081000
59G	SZ_0_0082000
59G	SZ_0_0083000
59G	SZ_0_0084000
59G	SZ_0_0085000
59G	SZ_0_0086000
59G	SZ_0_0087000
59G	SZ_0_0088000
59G	SZ_0_0089000
59G	SZ_0_0090000
59G	SZ_0_0091000
59G	SZ_0_0092000
59G	SZ_0_0093000
59G	SZ_0_0094000
59G	SZ_0_0095000
59G	SZ_0_0096000
59G	SZ_0_0097000
59G	SZ_0_0098000
59G	SZ_0_0099000
59G	SZ_0_0100000
59G	SZ_0_0101000
59G	SZ_0_0102000
59G	SZ_0_0103000
59G	SZ_0_0104000
59G	SZ_0_0105000
59G	SZ_0_0106000
59G	SZ_0_0107000
59G	SZ_0_0108000
59G	SZ_0_0109000
59G	SZ_0_0110000
59G	SZ_0_0111000
59G	SZ_0_0112000
160K	SZ_0_6000_6600_0001.dat
160K	SZ_0_6001_6601_0001.dat
160K	SZ_0_6162_13084_0001.dat
160K	SZ_0_7628_14775_0001.dat
160K	SZ_0_7901_8103_0001.dat
160K	SZ_0_8601_11857_0001.dat
160K	SZ_0_8636_11784_0001.dat
6.5G	SZ_1_0001000
6.5G	SZ_1_0002000
6.5G	SZ_1_0003000
6.5G	SZ_1_0004000
6.5G	SZ_1_0005000
6.5G	SZ_1_0006000
6.5G	SZ_1_0007000
6.5G	SZ_1_0008000
6.5G	SZ_1_0009000
6.5G	SZ_1_0010000
6.5G	SZ_1_0011000
6.5G	SZ_1_0012000
6.5G	SZ_1_0013000
6.5G	SZ_1_0014000
6.5G	SZ_1_0015000
6.5G	SZ_1_0016000
6.5G	SZ_1_0017000
6.5G	SZ_1_0018000
6.5G	SZ_1_0019000
6.5G	SZ_1_0020000
6.5G	SZ_1_0021000
6.5G	SZ_1_0022000
6.5G	SZ_1_0023000
6.5G	SZ_1_0024000
6.5G	SZ_1_0025000
6.5G	SZ_1_0026000
6.5G	SZ_1_0027000
6.5G	SZ_1_0028000
6.5G	SZ_1_0029000
6.5G	SZ_1_0030000
6.5G	SZ_1_0031000
6.5G	SZ_1_0032000
6.5G	SZ_1_0033000
6.5G	SZ_1_0034000
6.5G	SZ_1_0035000
6.5G	SZ_1_0036000
6.5G	SZ_1_0037000
6.5G	SZ_1_0038000
6.5G	SZ_1_0039000
6.5G	SZ_1_0040000
6.5G	SZ_1_0041000
6.5G	SZ_1_0042000
6.5G	SZ_1_0043000
6.5G	SZ_1_0044000
6.5G	SZ_1_0045000
6.5G	SZ_1_0046000
6.5G	SZ_1_0047000
6.5G	SZ_1_0048000
6.5G	SZ_1_0049000
6.5G	SZ_1_0050000
6.5G	SZ_1_0051000
6.5G	SZ_1_0052000
6.5G	SZ_1_0053000
6.5G	SZ_1_0054000
6.5G	SZ_1_0055000
6.5G	SZ_1_0056000
6.5G	SZ_1_0057000
6.5G	SZ_1_0058000
6.5G	SZ_1_0059000
6.5G	SZ_1_0060000
6.5G	SZ_1_0061000
6.5G	SZ_1_0062000
6.5G	SZ_1_0063000
6.5G	SZ_1_0064000
6.5G	SZ_1_0065000
6.5G	SZ_1_0066000
6.5G	SZ_1_0067000
6.5G	SZ_1_0068000
6.5G	SZ_1_0069000
6.5G	SZ_1_0070000
6.5G	SZ_1_0071000
6.5G	SZ_1_0072000
6.5G	SZ_1_0073000
6.5G	SZ_1_0074000
6.5G	SZ_1_0075000
6.5G	SZ_1_0076000
6.5G	SZ_1_0077000
6.5G	SZ_1_0078000
6.5G	SZ_1_0079000
6.5G	SZ_1_0080000
6.5G	SZ_1_0081000
6.5G	SZ_1_0082000
6.5G	SZ_1_0083000
6.5G	SZ_1_0084000
6.5G	SZ_1_0085000
6.5G	SZ_1_0086000
6.5G	SZ_1_0087000
6.5G	SZ_1_0088000
6.5G	SZ_1_0089000
6.5G	SZ_1_0090000
6.5G	SZ_1_0091000
6.5G	SZ_1_0092000
6.5G	SZ_1_0093000
6.5G	SZ_1_0094000
6.5G	SZ_1_0095000
6.5G	SZ_1_0096000
6.5G	SZ_1_0097000
6.5G	SZ_1_0098000
6.5G	SZ_1_0099000
6.5G	SZ_1_0100000
6.5G	SZ_1_0101000
6.5G	SZ_1_0102000
6.5G	SZ_1_0103000
6.5G	SZ_1_0104000
6.5G	SZ_1_0105000
6.5G	SZ_1_0106000
6.5G	SZ_1_0107000
6.5G	SZ_1_0108000
6.5G	SZ_1_0109000
6.5G	SZ_1_0110000
6.5G	SZ_1_0111000
6.5G	SZ_1_0112000
736M	SZ_2_0001000
736M	SZ_2_0002000
736M	SZ_2_0003000
736M	SZ_2_0004000
736M	SZ_2_0005000
736M	SZ_2_0006000
736M	SZ_2_0007000
736M	SZ_2_0008000
736M	SZ_2_0009000
736M	SZ_2_0010000
736M	SZ_2_0011000
736M	SZ_2_0012000
736M	SZ_2_0013000
736M	SZ_2_0014000
736M	SZ_2_0015000
736M	SZ_2_0016000
736M	SZ_2_0017000
736M	SZ_2_0018000
736M	SZ_2_0019000
736M	SZ_2_0020000
736M	SZ_2_0021000
736M	SZ_2_0022000
736M	SZ_2_0023000
736M	SZ_2_0024000
736M	SZ_2_0025000
736M	SZ_2_0026000
736M	SZ_2_0027000
736M	SZ_2_0028000
736M	SZ_2_0029000
736M	SZ_2_0030000
736M	SZ_2_0031000
736M	SZ_2_0032000
736M	SZ_2_0033000
736M	SZ_2_0034000
736M	SZ_2_0035000
736M	SZ_2_0036000
736M	SZ_2_0037000
736M	SZ_2_0038000
736M	SZ_2_0039000
736M	SZ_2_0040000
736M	SZ_2_0041000
736M	SZ_2_0042000
736M	SZ_2_0043000
736M	SZ_2_0044000
736M	SZ_2_0045000
736M	SZ_2_0046000
736M	SZ_2_0047000
736M	SZ_2_0048000
736M	SZ_2_0049000
736M	SZ_2_0050000
736M	SZ_2_0051000
736M	SZ_2_0052000
736M	SZ_2_0053000
736M	SZ_2_0054000
736M	SZ_2_0055000
736M	SZ_2_0056000
736M	SZ_2_0057000
736M	SZ_2_0058000
736M	SZ_2_0059000
736M	SZ_2_0060000
736M	SZ_2_0061000
736M	SZ_2_0062000
736M	SZ_2_0063000
736M	SZ_2_0064000
736M	SZ_2_0065000
736M	SZ_2_0066000
736M	SZ_2_0067000
736M	SZ_2_0068000
736M	SZ_2_0069000
736M	SZ_2_0070000
736M	SZ_2_0071000
736M	SZ_2_0072000
736M	SZ_2_0073000
736M	SZ_2_0074000
736M	SZ_2_0075000
736M	SZ_2_0076000
736M	SZ_2_0077000
736M	SZ_2_0078000
736M	SZ_2_0079000
736M	SZ_2_0080000
736M	SZ_2_0081000
736M	SZ_2_0082000
736M	SZ_2_0083000
736M	SZ_2_0084000
736M	SZ_2_0085000
736M	SZ_2_0086000
736M	SZ_2_0087000
736M	SZ_2_0088000
736M	SZ_2_0089000
736M	SZ_2_0090000
736M	SZ_2_0091000
736M	SZ_2_0092000
736M	SZ_2_0093000
736M	SZ_2_0094000
736M	SZ_2_0095000
736M	SZ_2_0096000
736M	SZ_2_0097000
736M	SZ_2_0098000
736M	SZ_2_0099000
736M	SZ_2_0100000
736M	SZ_2_0101000
736M	SZ_2_0102000
736M	SZ_2_0103000
736M	SZ_2_0104000
736M	SZ_2_0105000
736M	SZ_2_0106000
736M	SZ_2_0107000
736M	SZ_2_0108000
736M	SZ_2_0109000
736M	SZ_2_0110000
736M	SZ_2_0111000
736M	SZ_2_0112000

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