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Ely Jordan GTL Documentation

CVM-H Near Surface Plots

The plots below show the characteristics of the CVM-H v15.1 velocity model for the Los Angeles region. The four columns show model properties including Vp, Vs, Density, and Vp/Vs Ratio. There are multiple rows of data at depths 0m, 100m, 300m, and 500m. The expectation is that the GTL will affect the top 350m but not deeper. This plots the surface 0m, then 100m, 300m, and 500m. There are two rows for each, one with the original CVM-H properties, and one with the Ely-Jordan GTL added. One consideration is that the CVM-H model is defined as query by elevation. UCVM accepts the query by depth, and converts it into a query by elevation internally. This could be a source of artifacts of properties at 0 depth.

CVM-H 15.1 Near Surface Properties with and without optional Ely-Jordan GTL

CVM-H v15.1 Properties (with and without the Ely-Jordan GTL)
Depth Vp Vs Density Vp/Vs
0m - CVM-H
Cvmh nogtl vp 0 map.png
Cvmh nogtl vs 0 map.png
Cvmh nogtl density 0 map.png
Cvmh nogtl poisson 0 map.png
0m - ElyGTL
Cvmh gtl vp 0 map.png
Cvmh gtl vs 0 map.png
Cvmh gtl density 0 map.png
Cvmh gtl poisson 0 map.png
100m - CVM-H
Cvmh nogtl vp 100 map.png
Cvmh nogtl vs 100 map.png
Cvmh nogtl density 100 map.png
Cvmh nogtl poisson 100 map.png
100m - ElyGTL
Cvmh gtl vp 100 map.png
Cvmh gtl vs 100 map.png
Cvmh gtl density 100 map.png
Cvmh gtl poisson 100 map.png
300m - CVM-H
Cvmh nogtl vp 300 map.png
Cvmh nogtl vs 300 map.png
Cvmh nogtl density 300 map.png
Cvmh nogtl poisson 300 map.png
300m - ElyGTL
Cvmh gtl vp 300 map.png
Cvmh gtl vs 300 map.png
Cvmh gtl density 300 map.png
Cvmh gtl poisson 300 map.png
500m - CVM-H
Cvmh nogtl vp 500 map.png
Cvmh nogtl vs 500 map.png
Cvmh nogtl density 500 map.png
Cvmh nogtl poisson 500 map.png
500m - ElyGTL
Cvmh gtl vp 500 map.png
Cvmh gtl vs 500 map.png
Cvmh gtl density 500 map.png
Cvmh gtl poisson 500 map.png
Z1.0 - CVM-H
Cvmh nogtl z10 map.png
Z1.0 - ElyGTL
Cvmh gtl z10 map.png
Z2.5 - CVM-H
Cvmh nogtl z25 map.png
Z2.5 - ElyGTL
Cvmh gtl z25 map.png
Vs30 from CVM-H
Cvmh nogtl vs30 model map.png
Vs30 from ElyGTL
Cvmh gtl vs30 model map.png
Vs30 from Etree in UCVM 18.5 using CVM-H
Cvmh nogtl vs30 etree map.png
Vs30 from Etree in UCVM 18.5 using ElyGTL
Cvmh gtl vs30 etree map.png


  • Cvm-h vs30gtl.png

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