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SCEC is developing software tools for extracting CSEP test results from the CSEP data archives.

Purpose Of Scripts

CSEP one-day-model test results are posted in a series of files, one every day of operation. We want a script that will open the daily files, extract some information, and then print it in a comma separated values (csv) ASCII file form. We are starting with one-day-models because those have been running the longest.


Forecast models in a forecast group use the same input catalogs, and run the same evaluation tests. The SCEC CSEP testing center has one day model results from

  • 2007-08-01 through 2017-03-03.

To support the full date range, we must handle the changes in XML result file format. The xml result file format changed during the course of the test run, and the scripts have to check the results date to identify which format the results are in.

One Month Results

We have extracted the first week of results to confirm that the output files are properly formatted.

Ten Years Results

We have extracted the full 10 years of results:

Source Codes

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