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This entry describes how to request CSEP forecast and evaluation results from the SCEC CSEP testing center.

Organization of SCEC CSEP by Dispatcher Scripts

To help understand how the CSEP forecasts and tests results are organized, a list of the dispatcher scripts, organized by testing regions, is given below.

  • California Testing Region (SCEC Natural Laboratory) Forecasts
  1. one-day forecasts
  2. five-year models
  3. one-day models 1985
  4. 3-month and 5-year models 1932
  5. 1-day 3-month alarm models 1932
  6. 30-minute models 1985
  7. 30-minute models 1985 T/W tests
  8. one-day models synthetic catalogs 1985 Md2.95
  9. one-day models not filtered 1932 using Md2
  10. California models (not filtered) 1932 using Md2
  • NW Pacific Region Forecasts
  1. NW Pacific 1-year
  2. NW Pacific 1-day
  • SW Pacific Region Forecasts
  1. SW Pacific 1-year
  2. SW Pacific 1-day
  • Global Forecasts
  1. Global 1-year
  2. Global 0.1-degree 1-year
  3. Global 0.1Degree 1-year
  4. Global 0.1Degree 1-day
  • Oceanic Transform Fault Forecasts
  1. Oceanic Transform Fault 1-day

SCEC CSEP Forecast and Evaluation Inventory

CSEP data archives are organized by Testing Region and Forecast Groups. To help identify what CSEP forecast and evaluation test results are available, the SCEC software group has developed and run a script that created an inventory of existing SCEC CSEP forecast and forecast evaluation results.

The current data inventory script counts the existing CSEP data files, and reports on the existing data files, organized by:

  • Forecast Testing Region (See above)
  • Forecast Groups (See below)
  • Forecast Types (See below)
  • Forecast Evaluation Result (See below)

CSEP Forecast and Evaluation Test Results Inventory

This CSEP data information is from the SCEC CSEP operational system. This inventory organizes the data by:

  • Testing Region
  • Forecast Group
  • Test Date

The current CSEP inventory information is largely based on "file counts". This is intended to identify where CSEP results are complete, and where there may be time gaps in CSEP results.

How to Find Forecasts and Evaluation Test Results in Inventory

  • SCEC-natural-laboratory
    • RELM-mainshock-aftershock-hybrid-models-V14.1
    • RELM-mainshock-aftershock-models
    • RELM-mainshock-aftershock-models-corrected
    • RELM-mainshock-models
    • RELM-mainshock-models-corrected
    • USGS-five-year-models
    • USGS-five-year-models-1967
    • USGS-five-year-models-2006
    • USGS-five-year-retrospective-Jan.2013
    • five-year-alarm-models
    • five-year-alarm-models-V9.10
    • five-year-models-Md2-V13.1
    • five-year-models-V13.1
    • five-year-rate-models
    • five-year-rate-models-V9.1
    • one-day-alarm-models-V10.10
    • one-day-alarm-models-V9.10
    • one-day-models
    • one-day-models-Bayesian-V12.7
    • one-day-models-Bayesian-V9.1
    • one-day-models-Md2-Bayesian-V12.10
    • one-day-models-Md2-V12.10
    • Additional Forecast Groups in Data Inventory
    • three-months-models-V9.4
  • SWPacific
    • one-day-alarm-models-V10.1
    • one-day-alarm-models-V10.10
    • one-day-models
    • one-year-alarm-models
  • NWPacific
    • one-day-alarm-models-V10.1
    • one-day-alarm-models-V10.10
    • one-day-models
    • one-year-alarm-models
  • Global
    • one-day-alarm-models-V10.1
    • one-day-alarm-models-V10.10
    • one-day-models-V14.4
    • one-day-models-V9.7
    • one-year-alarm-models
    • one-year-models
  • OceanicTransformFaults
    • one-day-models-V12.1

Data Available Differs by Forecast Group

The information available in the current CSEP data information differs by Forecast Group. Examples data information results are shown below.

Some forecast groups include multiple forecast types:

  • (SCEC-natural-laboratory/one-year-models-V13.1) - This is one example. Other forecast types are listed in inventory.
    • Forecast: JANUSOneYearTV - 1
    • Forecast: JANUSOneYearEEPAS1F - 1
    • Forecast: CONANOneYearMd3 - 1
    • Forecast: JANUSOneYear - 1
    • Forecast: JANUSOneYearPPE - 1

Not all Forecast Groups include Forecast Files. Some forecast groups only include forecast evaluation tests:

  • (SCEC-natural-laboratory/RELM-mainshock-aftershock-hybrid-models-V14.1)
    • This forecast group evaluates forecasts made in other forecast groups. To determine forecasts used in evaluation, user must review forecast_group.init.xml

Evaluation Test Result Types

  • Evaluation Tests Types Include (this list may not be complete): ['N', 'L', 'CL', 'M', 'S', 'ROC', 'MASS', 'LW', 'RP', 'RD', 'RT', 'RTT', 'T', 'W']

Data Request Format

To request CSEP forecast or forecast evaluation test results, you can Email CSEP data request to software@scec.org

In Data request email, specify the following:

  • Testing Region: (see above)
  • Forecast Group Name: (see above)
  • Start Date:
  • End Date :
  • Forecast Type:
  • Evaluation Test Results Type:

It is preferable, that the request are data that can be found in the CSEP data inventory. In any case, SCEC software group will zip all the available requested data files together and post them on a web site for download, and email location of data files to requestor.

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