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Description of CSEP computers and storage needed for future CSEP development and operations

SCEC Testing Center

we need at least the following CSEP systems:

  • csep-ops (daily operational, official released version of the testing center, with all CSEP data)
  • csep-debug (copy of last csep release, with complete data up to 2016)
  • csep-development (complete csep software stack as of 16.10, with csep source installed from git repo, with complete data up to 2016) - This should be the system on which we make and test modifications to 16.10. Masha did CSEP development on her Mac, but with more than one of us making code modifications, I want an external CSEP development environment that we can all use.
  • csep-dataviewer (we probably need to keep this going for a time until better data access methods are developed)
  • csep-certification system, used to evaluate release candidates before they were moved to operational status. (?)
  • csep-dev (system containing current CSEP software environment, used by model developers to build and test their models prior to integration into operational CSEP)

NZ Testing Center

  • nz reprocessing system for retrospective model testing
  • nz development system for modifying and testing nz models
  • nz operational system. Would like future NZ testing center based on the updated CSEP software stack, since they seem to be several CSEP releases behind.

Dedicated Hardware versus Instances

  • We distinguish between the computer hardware, versus the "instances" used by CSEP. At this time, we want the operational systems (csep-ops, and nz-ops) on their own physical systems. Otherwise, as long as the instances run without issues, these instances can be on shared hardware.

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