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We had a recent discussion about developing a CRM command line tool. Here's what we think it possible.

If we start with the current CFM/CTM/CRM website, a user can input lat/lon/depth and get back properties for the given point.

For example, a query at: 34.00 -118.00 5000m depth returns these properties:

 Lon	Lat	Z	Elevation(m)	Vp(m/s)	Vs(m/s)	rho(kg/m3)	GFM Region

Lithology Type Heat Flow Region Smoothed CTM(degC)

 -118	34	5000 (by depth)	210.24	5452.83	3303.68	2609.59	Peninsular Range(W)	Granodiorite10	LA 135.84

What is currently missing, is a CRM algorithm. We expect that the CRM algorithm will input some or all of these parameters from the GFM/CTM website, and return a CRM value, maybe as viscosity in poise or newton-second/m2.

What would be possible without much new software development would be to develop a python script that users could run on their systems. This program could work like ucvm_query, maybe like this:

$ < points.txt

If the file points.txt contained: -118.0 34.0 5000 -118.0 34.0 10000 -118.0 33.0 5000 -118.0 33.0 10000

Then the program might return:

 -118	34	5000 (by depth)	210.24	5452.83	3303.68	2609.59	Peninsular Range(W)	Granodiorite10	LA 135.84
 -118	34	10000 (by depth) 210.24	6295.79	3687.25	2783.28	Peninsular Range(W)	Granodiorite10	LA	249.8
 -118	33	5000 (by depth)	-884.1	5971.28	3263.07	2710.53	Inner Borderland Rift	Rift Basin Fill	Ocean	176.79
 -118	33	10000 (by depth) -884.1	6184.71	3415.9	2757.51	Inner Borderland Rift	Franciscan Schist Ocean	327.55

Implementing a script like this might take a couple of weeks of developer time.

If we have a CRM algorithm, it would be possible to add that on either the server side, or possibly on the users side. Then, we could script could retrieve the GFM/CTM values and plug them into the CRM algorithm, and return that information also. It would be possible to support alternative CRM algorithms, with more work.

Adding the call to the CRM algorithm, would likely take a couple of extra weeks of Mei's time, and some time from a CRM researcher to help us throught the process.

This is the simplest approach we can think of. There are more standardized REST API methods, but implementing one of those would require additional work.

I hope this is useful feedback. Let us know if you think either one of the command line GFM/CTM/CRM scripts might be useful. Mei's got several projects going, but we always like to make progress on new capabilities for the group related to CXM models.