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SCEC's CXM group is developing a distribution method for SCEC's CFM v5.2 fault model data set. The goal of this effort is to develop a Community Fault Model Discovery and Distribution System that helps the SCEC research community make use of the CFM.

Prototype CFM Website

Existing California Fault Maps and Databases

Current CFM Web site Github repository

Example CFM Dataset and Map Display

This is a link to a 6MB Quicktime Animation that shows a User using the current CFM Discovery and distribution Map Display

Fig 1: Beta Version of CFM Website showing details of selected fault.
Fig 2: Initial Version of CFM Website showing details of selected fault.

Technology Evaluations - Map Viewer Links

Earlier CFM Viewer Developments

During early CFM workshops to get community feedback, the group were working with the UCSD group to visualize the CFM in 3D with Fledermaus. Fledermaus has a free 3D viewer - which used to be iView3D but is now iView4D, with Win-32, Win-64, MacOSX, & Linux versions of iView4D available, and like other approaches, the data need to be reformatted for this app.

This software was adopted by the USGS for 3D visualization:

Workshops on its use as of 2012:

In terms of the CFM webpage, we are discussing if there is still a need to provide additional 3D visualization resources for the CFM and other CXM products. If so, a iView4D plus MoVE Viewer may be a useful combination.

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