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Overview of BBP Platform

BBP Data Products

Summary of BBP Study 17.3 Dataset

Web links to BBP Test Results v22.4

We compared these plots/tables against code May, before merging BBP with CyberShake codes. We plan to create a ZIP (or tar) file with the complete dataset packaged togetherto be put into Zenodo.

Web links to May 2022 BBP Test Suite Results

Overview of BBP Data

We have recently completed several updates and improvements to the BBP software. As part of this work, we re-ran our full suites of broadband test simulations, and there are quite a few BBP simulated seismograms available, which were generated by this latest version of the software.

As background, all the BBP simulated seismograms, both velocity and acceleration, are in BBP format, which is ASCII 3 component format described here:

There are two main categories of BBP simulations in our test suite.

  • Validation simulations. We run simulations for 17 historical earthquakes and output seismograms at locations where there are recorded seismograms for the events.
  • GMPE data: We run simulations for events of well-recorded magnitudes, and output seismograms at regularly spaced locations surrounding the faults. The amplitudes of these events are compared to results from GMPEs.

For both the validation event, and the GMPE events, we run multiple source realizations, typically 64 realizations for each method, for each event. The resulting BBP datasets include timeseries, source descriptions, station lists, amplitude data, and multiple types of evaluation plots.

  • The complete Part-A validation dataset is 2.9Tb
  • The complete Part-B GMPE dataset is 916Gb

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