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Large numbers of Broadband Platform jobs can be submitted to a computing cluster using the following techniques and scripts:

Run Notes

Below is a script that we've used for running the validation events. Few things to note:

  1. you will need to set up your e-mail address at the top;
  2. the Part-A events it is set to run may need to be customized to match whatever you have installed in your system (probably no Parkfield and rename the other events if you don't have the packages using site response).
  3. you can also customize what methods you want to run.

If you run events that don't need the site response module (all Part-A events using Christine's corrections instead of the ones I'm using right now), you will want to remove the "-s" option from the line invoking as well. Please do let us know if you have questions and we can help.

Job Submit Script

posted in file:


# Set e-mail address here!
methods=( "gp" "sdsu" "exsim" "ucsb" "irikura" "song" )
a_events=( "parkfield" "ar" "lomap" "ch" "nr" "whittier" "nps" "landers" "tottori" "niigata" "mineral" "rdl" "saguenay" )
a_labels=( "parkfield" "Alum Rock SiteResponse" "LOMAP-SiteResponse" "Chino Hills SiteResponse" "NR-SiteResponse" "Whittier-SiteResponse" "North Palm Springs-SiteResponse" "Landers-SiteResponse" "Tottori-SiteResponse" "Niigata-SiteResponse" "Mineral Site Response" "Riviere du Loup 1k Site Response" "Saguenay 1k Site Response" )
b_regions=( "no" "so" )
b_regions_labels=( "NoCal" "SoCal" )
b_dist=( "20" "50" )
b_events=( "55rv" "62ss" "66rv" "66ss" )
b_labels=( "5.5rv" "6.2ss" "6.6rv" "6.6ss" )

# Loop over methods
for method in ${methods[@]}; do
    # Part-A events
    for ((i=0;i<${#a_events[@]};++i)); do
	$bbp_hpcc -n 50 -s --email $email -c $method -d $method-${a_events[i]}-50r --new-nodes --no-hypo-rand -e "${a_labels[i]}"
	sbatch $method-${a_events[i]}-50r/*.slurm
    # Part-B events
    for ((i=0;i<${#b_events[@]};++i)); do
	for ((j=0;j<${#b_regions[@]};++j)); do
	    for dist in ${b_dist[@]}; do
		$bbp_hpcc -w 1 -n 50 --email $email -c $method -d $method-gmpe${b_events[i]}$dist${b_regions[j]} --new-nodes --hypo-rand -e "GMPE ${b_labels[i]} ${b_regions_labels[j]} ${dist}km"
		sbatch $method-gmpe${b_events[i]}$dist${b_regions[j]}/*.slurm

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