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To improve the Southern California Velocity Models in SCEC's UCVM, we are working on adding the Albacore CVM off-shore model described in this paper in UCVM.

Albacore Access through UCVM_Web

A preliminary version of the Albacore model is acessible through the UCVM_Web site. This webpage lets users query points, profiles, and create horizontal and vertial plots through Albacore.

Albacore Model Integration Update

Reference Publication

  • Offshore Southern California lithospheric velocity structure from noise cross-correlation functions (2016) D. C. Bowden1, M. D. Kohler2, V. C. Tsai1, and D. S. Weeraratne, JGR RESEARCH ARTICLE, DOI: 10.1002/2016JB012919
  • AGU Model Description
  • Publication Link
  • Publication Link

SCEC Model Viewers

Standard Velocity Model Questions

  • Model for a flat region or topography?
  • Default projection for model
  • Model dimensions and resolution
  • Material properties in model (standard are vp, vs, and density)
  • Is there an existing way to query the model for a given point (e.g a given lat/lon/depth)
  • Any special considerations for geotechnical layer (top 350m or so?). Related, what is the minimum Vs in the model.
  • Preferred formulas for populating vp and density if the model is vs only
  • Where to get the existing data files
  • Review the ucvm interpolation method (trilinear interpolation)
  • Thoughts on how we confirm it has been integrated into ucvm correctly

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