AWP-ODC Distributions

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Collection of AWP-ODC Repositories and the Capabilities of each code:

AWP-ODC Capabilities

  • forward linear wave propagation with absorbing boundaries.
  • sgt with fixed point sources and sgt output
  • forward iwan non-linear
  • forward topography
  • forward discontinous mesh

AWP-ODC Repositories

  • CyberShake core AWP-SGT
  • AWP-ODC-DM-topo (Ossian's version) was developed based on AWP-ODC-DM (discontinuous mesh, developed and maintained by Daniel).
  • Ossian's development was done by adding kernels for curvilinear updates while preserving all the features of the AWP-ODC-DM code. The AWP-ODC-DM (non-topo version) is currently not part of the SCECcode repo, it is, in fact, already included in AWP-ODC-DM-topo (part of SCECcode) because
  • AWP-ODC-DM-topo becomes exactly AWP-ODC-DM when turning off the curvilinear feature.


Most AWP-ODC are released undewr OSI-approved BSD-3 open-source software licenses.