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The SCEC Anelastic Wave Propagation - Olsen, Day, Cui (AWP-ODC) software is a scientific modeling codes capable of both dynamic rupture simulations and earthquake wave propagation simulations. AWP-ODC has been used to conduct multiple significant SCEC simulations including TeraShake (aka. TeraShake-1),TeraShake-2, ShakeOut-K, ShakeOut-D, Chino Hills, Wall2Wall, and M8.

Current AWP-ODC Software Distribution

The current public distribution of AWP-ODC is maintained on the HPCGeoC Web Site.

On this web site you will find:

  1. Discussion of the Software
  2. Preliminary Users Guide
  3. References

Software Documentation

A preliminary version of the AWP-ODC Quick Start Users Guide is linked here. This is superseded by the material in the users guide posted on the HPCGeoC site, linked above, but is included here in case it contains information not included in document above.

AWP-ODC Development Activities

AWP-ODC software engineering is lead by SDSC Yifeng Cui. New versions of the AWP-ODC software are under development by the HPCGeoC group at SDSC and SDSU.


A detailed description of how to visualize surface velocity output from AWP-ODC simulations is available at Visualizing AWP-ODC Output.

Previous Software Distribution

You can obtain a copy of a 2008 version of AWP-ODC from the following SVN repository:

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