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Through the DOE Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) Program, SCEC scientists use the DOE Oak Ridge and Argonne Leadership Computing Facilities to develop petascale seismic hazard simulations that can provide ground motion forecasts for the largest earthquakes at frequencies higher than 1 Hz.



  • Project Name: High Frequency Physics-Based Earthquake System Simulations (Year 1 of 1)
    • PI and Co-PI(s): Thomas H. Jordan, Jacobo Bielak, Steven Day, Kim Olsen, Yifeng Cui, Po Chen, Ricardo Taborda, Philip Maechling
    • ALCF Project Name: Equake_SS
    • OLCF Project Name: GEO015
  • OLCF Requested Credit: This research used resources of the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility located in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is supported by the Office of Science of the Department of Energy under Contract DE-AC05-00OR22725.


  • CyberShake3.0: Physics-based Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis ( Year 2 of 2 )
    • ACLF Project Name: CyberShake. :40,000,000 core hours on Intrepid
    • OLCF Project Name: GEO015


  • CyberShake3.0: Physics-based Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (Year 1 of 2)
    • OLCF Project GEO015:
    • ACLF is called CyberShake.


  • Project Name:Deterministic Simulations of Large Regional Earthquakes at Frequencies Up to 4 Hz (Year 1 of 1)
  • PI and Co-PI(s):
    • Thomas H. Jordan (PI)
    • Yifeng Cui (Co-PI)
    • Kim Olsen (Co-PI)
    • Jacobo Bielak (Co-PI)
    • Po Chen (Co-PI)

SCEC was awarded a 2011 INCITE Allocation that includes compute time on ALCF Intrepid and we have begun work on our 2011 research plan.

Quarterly Reporting

  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4

SCEC INCITE 2009-2010

  • Project Name: Deterministic Simulations of Large Regional Earthquakes at Frequencies up to 2Hz
  • Principal Investigator:Thomas H. Jordan
    • Director
    • Southern California Earthquake Center
  • Co-Principal Investigator:Yifeng Cui
    • Computer Scientist
    • San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Co-Principal Investigator:Kim Bak Olsen
    • Seismologist
    • San Diego State University

This SCEC INCITE Project was completed in Dec 2010. Project final reports from SCEC to INCITE are posted below:

INCITE HPCC Computing Resources

Through INCITE allocations, SCEC researchers perform seismic hazard computational research making extensive use of two DOE Leadership class computer facilities:

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