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The SCEC Broadband server is a computing resource with the Broadband Platform platform pre-installed and configured. Access to this server is by request, and requires a login which is provided once your account has been activated.

If you encounter any problems with the SCEC Broadband Server, or to request access, please contact

Checks During First Login

Your account has already been configured, but what follows are some checks to verify that everything is properly configured. First, ssh to the system using the hostname and login that we provided to you.

Change your password from the default we assigned to one of your choosing with this command:

$ passwd

Then, verify that your PYTHONPATH environment variable is set with the command:

$ env | grep PYTHONPATH

You should see the following line displayed:


Verify that your PATH environment variable includes the correct python interpreter with the command:

$ which python

You should see the following line displayed:


Finally, verify that the checksums match in your copy of the Broadband platform with these commands (replace "$USER" with the userid we assigned to you):

$ cd /home/broadband-01/$USER/11.2.2/bbp_2g/checksums
$ ./

All checksums should agree. At this point you are ready to use the Broadband Platform.

Using the Platform

Please see Broadband Platform for full usage documentation. The current version installed on this server is 11.2.2. Each user has their own copy of the platform installed in the following directory:


For example, you can run the platform with these commands:

$ cd /home/broadband-01/$USER/11.2.2/bbp_2g/comps
$ ./

Please run your simulations on the /home/broadband-01 filesystem, as these are disks that have been dedicated to this server. We ask that you do not run simulations from your home directory.


If you encounter problems with the SCEC Broadband Server, please contact